Is showering once a week enough? That is the trend right now as part of non-bathing.

For some, showering means relaxing and turning off your mind for a while. Of course we like to do it like playing Bizzo Casino login – but for environmental reasons only every two days and then as short as possible. 

On average, 12-14 liters of water bubble out of a standard shower head and down the drain – per minute! Yet water is an increasingly scarce resource and heating water is energy-intensive. And we are all being called upon to save energy, more than ever before.

What should we do? Become a cold showerer? Then, unfortunately, it would be over with the relaxation under the shower. Do without showers altogether? No, thank you. But less often? What sounded a bit bizarre until recently is now a trend. 

One could think that is strong, especially from Hollywood stars whose appearance is viewed critically from all sides. If they can do it without showering, then everyone can try it, too, the idea goes – preferably, of course, without having to completely give up their social life because of the smell. 

Dermatologists recommend: Wash certain areas daily – this also works with washcloths.

A few dermatologists explained in an interview that she finds the idea of showering less sensible – but that she cannot recommend across-the-board to shower only once a week. The right care depends on your skin type, and at certain times you need more hygiene than at others.

So not cleaning at all is not a good idea. What you can do, however: Clean certain areas of the body with a washcloth, water and pH-neutral soap. And preferably in such a way that you use less water than in the shower. It is recommended that “all zones that are rich in sebaceous glands and sweat glands are best washed daily” – this includes the armpits, the intimate area, the hands and, as needed, the feet.

Experiment: shower only once a week – at 35 degrees outside temperature.

In the morning at the sink, it is about half filled with water. (Equivalent to about two liters).

Then washed with a washcloth and some pH neutral shower gel, especially on the recommended regions.

The shower gel was also washed off with the washcloth and clear water from the sink.

The procedure was repeated daily during the test week and showered once on the seventh day. For washing, it was recommended to stand in the bath or shower tub to catch the wash water. 

Showering once a week may sound unhygienic to some. And if you did not let water or soap touch your skin during that time, it might be. It depends on your skin type and what your body is used to. You can choose a different route, and feel almost as refreshed and clean after a wash as you did after a shower.

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