So how to win at online slots? There is no certain recipe to turn every play into a sure win, but now you can follow eight valuable tips that offer you much more chance to get closer to the much-desired victory: eight tips that you need to turn into real milestones of your gaming activity with the confidence that sooner or later they will help you reap the rewards of a successful business.

1. Consider the jackpot

If you are wondering how to win at online slots, the simplest answer we can give you is “taking advantage of all the chances of winning you have”, which may seem trivial but it really is not: the more we use all the winning ideas that an online casino gives us. offers, the more reasonable we can consider to make it concrete.

So what? And therefore one of the most consistent winning opportunities that so many slot machines offer are the jackpots: those prizes that increase as players unsuccessfully try to make them their own.

Preferring slots with jackpots means choosing titles for which many players “play their cards” working in some way on the calculation of probabilities: sooner or later someone will have to win and it could be you if you don’t miss this type of slot, who will reward your choice with a special “booty” that in some cases can be defined as nothing more and nothing less than stellar.

2. Play responsibly

Play responsibly

Here we return in some way to the advice we gave you first, but we do not do it to repeat ourselves but to reinforce one of the most important aspects of online gaming: safety, which is not only fundamental for obvious reasons, but is also a point of basic starting point to increase one’s chances of success.

How to win online slots if, by compulsively trying, we find ourselves losing a lot of money? This is why playing responsibly is doubly vital.

But what does it mean to play responsibly? It mainly means two things: the first is to play with gusto but without enthusiasm, that is, choosing when and how to play without getting carried away by the habit and the risk of automatism to which online gaming can expose.

The second, and here we go back to what was said in the first of our tips, is to play while always remaining highly in contact with our economic reality: you must never play more than what is predetermined or more than it is sustainable to do. Otherwise the risk of losing more than we can budget to lose will really be around the corner.

3. Try the slots in free mode

The last of the eight tips we want to give you on how to win online slots is related to the option to play for free, this time focusing on a different free game mode from the one already analyzed talking about free spins and bonuses in general. .

In this case we are talking above all about the option to play through demo accounts, which is a simulated game mode that allows you to have fun at no cost by playing without investing anything without even being able to win anything.

But so? How can you increase your chances of winning on slots if it is a mode that does not allow you to win real money? Simple, it allows you to familiarize yourself at no cost with new titles which, once properly known, will be able to give us great satisfactions, including economic ones.

To understand better, the demo mode gives the opportunity to save money in that “study” phase in which it is more likely to face losses, while preserving the benefit in terms of direct experience that subsequently brings us closer to the chances of victory.

The payout (or RTP) of online slot machines

payout of online slot machines

But we are not finished with our advice, because we also have a “wild card” that we dedicate to all novice players who are not yet familiar with what is the concept of RTP (or simply payout), an acronym that stands for Return To Player, or the payout percentage on which a slot machine is based.

Let’s try to understand this better by assuming that we are in front of a slot machine that offers an RTP of 98%: it means that the slot, over the long distance, pays € 98.00 for every € 100.00 that players spend to use it. A virtuous fact which, however, must be clarified in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The RTP does not mean that if we play € 100.00 we will certainly get back € 98.00, but that this will happen on average considering all the bets that all players will make on this title.

How does the knowledge of RTP help us when our goal is to win at slots? It helps us by directing our ability to choose better, but before explaining ourselves better we want to first define how to “read it”:

Payout equal to or greater than 97%: this is a high value, so the slot offers excellent chances of winning.

Payout between 96% and 94%: this is a standard value, so the slot offers average winning opportunities.

Payout of less than 94%: this is a low value, so the slot offers little chance of winning.

Playing a slot that has at least a 96% payout will certainly give us more chances of winning, but it will not only give them to us but to all the many players who choose it and this of course will make the possible jackpots tend to be lower.

If, on the other hand, we play a slot with a low payout, let’s say 90%, the chances of winning will be lower, but for this very reason there will be the possibility of facing ever-increasing jackpots that can sometimes turn out to be millionaires.

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