In this chapter, we will take a look at some basic numbers. Whether you gamble in the arcade or prefer to play craps online doesn’t make much of a difference. However, we will refer to the online casino game when in doubt.

Probability of winning

The probability of winning in the regular game is roughly 50% or just below. Mathematicians/statisticians have calculated and run through this a thousand times. With two dice there are a total of 36 different possible combinations, we will spare you the rest here.

Winning already in the first roll is much less likely. However, the following game rounds have been designed in such a way that there is almost a 50/50 chance of winning overall. This is true for the basic Pass/Don’t Pass game. For the side and side bets, it can be quite different.

Payout Ratio/House Advantage

The return to player depends on the bet in question, this applies equally in the online casino and in the casino. For Pass/Don’t Pass bets as well as Come/Don’t Come bets, for example, we play with a rounded 98.6% RTP, which corresponds to a house advantage of only 1.4%.

However, for most other bets the house advantage is around 10% and for the Any 7 bet it is as high as 16.9%. So, the craps game is quite different depending on the bet.



This also applies to the possible winnings. With Pass/Don’t Pass as well as Come/Don’t Come you can double your bet. The lowest winnings are available with the Taking the Odds 6 or 8 bet. There you even get paid a little less than double.

On the other hand, if you win a One Roll bet on either 2 or 12, you will get 30 times your bet as winnings. On the 3 and 11 dice you will get 15 times your bet and on the Any Craps bet you will get seven times your bet.

Possible bets

The amount you can bet depends on the game you are playing. Most craps games at the online casino can be played for as little as €1. So you don’t have to risk too much to be able to play.

If you want, you can also play really high. For high rollers, stakes of up to €1000 per round are possible.

Play craps online

In the online casino you can play the popular dice game in America only since November 2020. Before that, there was not a single craps game on the Internet.

Live dealer craps in the online casino

Traditionally, it is a dice game that you play with a real dealer (also called stickman). In online casinos, the version as a real live game via video stream is also dominant. The only live craps game on the Internet to date comes from the host Evolution Gaming and is playable in numerous online casinos. There, you have to go to the respective live casino area.

This way, you can enjoy a round with real casino flair.

Online craps with random number generator

However, there are also games online that run as an animated software version with a programmed random number generator (RNG): Craps First Person from Evolution or a game from game producer Betsoft are two examples.

If you want to play fast and no-frills without the live flair, you can try this out.

Play Craps for free

Play Craps for free

The software-controlled craps games can also be played for free in test mode. This way you can get used to the different bets and the flow of the game with play money without risking real money.

You can play the free version as long as you want.

Craps Bonus

That you can take bonus in online casinos is no secret. However, there is a crucial catch: most of the time, these bonus offers are only valid for slot machines. If you want to play table games like craps or roulette, you’ll be left out in the cold.

However, there is at least a small selection of casinos with bonuses for live casinos and other table games. So you can also redeem a reward as a dice player.

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