Some love to indulge in gambling for money, while for others the fun is still ingrained in their minds as a scam or a rip-off: sports betting is a very controversial topic in Austria, but what is really behind it? Whether sports betting on soccer is really just a pastime and depends purely on luck, or whether you can make real money with it, is explained here.

Sports betting is definitely gambling

Even if you acquire as many strategies, get tips and get advice from experts, betting is still registered as gambling. While probabilities of winning can be calculated and some tips are more likely than others, one should never assume a win. It must always be expected that you can also lose your bet and you should not be dependent on winnings. Such dependence can drive gamblers into addiction, and eventually plunge them into big problems. However, as long as betting is just a game and a pastime, there is nothing wrong with it. Those who play responsibly and manage their resources well will not fall prey to addiction.

Reputable bookmakers – half the battle

Reputable bookmakers

Betting is not only dependent on luck. Some things you can choose very consciously as a gambler and thus influence. One of these things is the choice of sports betting provider, because if it is not reputable, you can win as much money as you want, but it will probably never be paid out to your account. Therefore, it is important to go for a reputable provider that has some seals of approval as well as positive customer reviews. Lottoland is a good example of such a provider. This bookmaker not only offers sports betting, but also has the option to experience lotto and online casino on the screen. A lot of offers also means a lot of chances, which you have to be aware of: Winning means paying out! If you become a EuroMillions winner, you will certainly collect your money. Especially in online casinos it is common that after a win you feel the need to continue playing with the money you have won. However, this way often results in more losses than winnings.

Betting tips and strategies – make luck a little more likely

1. acquire knowledge

A senseless bet on any tips, without the necessary expertise, is not a good strategy. Before betting, you should always learn about teams and players, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. If the necessary knowledge is missing then it is always possible to get advice from experts or do more research on the Internet.

2. bet on single bets

Combination bets are too risky in many cases. It is better to be on the safe side and to have to cope with fewer losses. Thus, profits increase a little slower, but it is still worth it in the long run more than to play risky.

3. do not rely on bets with low odds

3. do not rely on bets with low odds

There is often a misconception that bets with low odds are more likely than bets with high odds, but this is not completely true. Odds are calculated from probabilities.

For example, if a sports team has lost 15 of its last 20 games, then odds above 1.20 would be appropriate. However, bookmakers often set these odds much lower. This is not fair, and you should think about changing the betting site.

4. leave sympathy out of it

Often bettors tend to let sympathies flow into their bets. For example, if your favorite team is Mönchen-Gladbach, you tend to choose this team. But that this is not a winning strategy is probably clear to everyone. Here may be gladly times profit-oriented thought.

5. use of bonuses

Already at the beginning, an important stone can be rolled in terms of profit opportunities. When choosing a bookmaker, it is always helpful to look at the various new customer offers and bonuses and then compare them. Some providers add very high amounts once again to the deposited amount, which of course can make a huge difference.


Betting can be a lot of fun. Understandably, wins are more fun than losses, and are more enjoyable. But the focus of betting should always be the excitement, not the prospect of huge profits. That way, the fun can’t be lost. Neither on a long period, nor after a series of losses.

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